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     Sorbent pads are important material for oil spill combating. In a spill cleaning action, sorbent pads normally remove lastsheen of oil, after most spilt oil is mechanically recovered, and clean spilt oil,  where mechanical devices can't be used and water isn't allowed to be secondly polluted (using oil spill dispersant isn’t allowed ). 

 PP-2 sorbent pads of synthetical fibre are good oil-cleaning material and characterized by:
1.Small density and floatable on water.
2.Porous, oleophilic, high oil-absorptive, poor water absorptive and water-displaceable when absorbing oil.
3.Acid, alkali and corrosion resistant and less harm-gas releasable when burn.
4.High oil-hold-ability.
5.PP-1 absorbent pads are suitable for light oil and most light chemical liquids.
6.PP-2 is for viscous oils.

1.Absorb spill oil and chemicals on land, prevent them from spreading.
2.Clean oil tanks, drain and bottom cabins.
3.Clean oil spill in warehouses.
4.Clean oil in kitchen.
5.As filtering and coarse materials for separates, it can filter liquid.



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