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     Weir Skimmer
Weir skimmer recovering oil through separating oil water with weight.It consists of a floatable head,a power pack put on the deck of a boat or the bank and liking hoses between the head and the power pack.
     Brush/Disc Skimmer
The skimmer,whose brush assembly and disc assembly can be replaced with each other according to different oils,is suitable for a wide range of oil-spill recovery.It is a multi-purpose machine.
     Multifunction Skimmer
It has the oil recovery function of weir,Up-belt,down-belt,vaccum skimmer ect.Multi skimmer worked at open water,can be towed by vessel or directly installed on double hulls vessel.
     Vacuum Skimmer
Vaccum skimmer is an oil spill recovery device that is suitable for sea beach,shallow and narrow water.
     Disc Skimmer
ZS disc skimmer is an efficient,light and hand device recovering of oil spill on water.
     Rope mop skimmer
It can work at open water such as sea and also recover oil from polluted wells of plants.



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