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      Sorbent boom is made of sorbent pad and used to clean oil spill on water. The boom is more convenient to deploy and recover than pad. The boom can both contain and clean spill, so that it is substitute of oil boom and skimmer in some cases. The boom sections can be connected with each other by the connectors at their both ends to a necessary length.
        It is flexible cylinder with a tension rope in center and a cover net outside. It contains spill on water/ground and can be towed by vessels on water to clean up oil slick. The boom has high draft and floats in it, so that the boom can work in wave/current. It is suitable for sea operation, especially suitable for shore-line and also used to contain/sorb oil.
        The belt-like boom, made by sorbent and firmly attached to a rope of high strength, flat floats on water surface when boom is towed. The connection between boom sections is no gap joint. It is suit to “U” tow-sweep to clean up or contain oil on calm water, especially for dealing with thin slick of large area.
        The brush core is a flexible rope. The bristles, made of thin sorbent strips, are woven in the core rope to form a flexible and continuous bottle brush of boom body. It is light and easy to deploy and recover. It is suitable for calm water and can be reused after oil absorbed in the boom pressured out by extrusion rollers.



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