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Principle of Recovering Oil:

According to the floating feature of oil,oil water interface through the structure of weir,this is the first time roughly separate oil water, and then begin advanced separation.Oil float,water flow from the net that resist oil in the bottom of rough separating tank.A floating belt (also called dynamic inclined plane)directs oil to entrance,water float from lower level,oil than on was directed to the bottom by belt,after scaping oil by scoper then rise to the top of refined separating tank,when oil get certain thinkness,oil water probe surveyed oil then send out signal,pump begins sucking;water stops working,skimmer system equipped with reliable auto-control and oil water –auto identify system,intelligent auto control operation.


Equipped with rough,refined separating tank,Auxiliary device:floating oil leading boom anti-adverse current plate,water transportation valve,making oil water line smoothly and rationalize and keep high resolving power and recovering oil rate under wave affects.Achieved intelligentize and automatization by the credible oil water interface probe,PLC.Up belt garbage separating device recover garbage and oil bulk at one time.It is applicable to all viscosities of oil.



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