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PS40 lightweight spill dispersant device:
1. Rack as hand push small models easy transport;
2. Using handheld gun spraying, convenient operation flexible; injection pressure high, range far atomization extent adjustable;
3. Can directly from packaging barrel extraction spills dispersant.

PSB Series Marine spill dispersant spraying arm, suitable installed board large area waters spraying spill dispersant:
1. The introduction of the nozzle, fan-shaped mist trace, dispersant use efficiency.
2. According spill layer thickness and ship speed conditioning spraying volume and display flow.
3. Storage convenience: when not recoverable deck, suitable packed in almost all types board.

PSF Series aircraft with oil spill dispersant spray device for small planes or helicopters on the vast waters of spraying oil spill dispersant:
1. From the storage tank and the spray arm composition, spray pump fixed in the storage tank at one end of the cylinder body.
2. Two installation: airborne and suspensory. Airborne when stored tank in body, spraying arm fixed tail. Suspension O'clock spraying arm and storage cans fixed together suspension in helicopters below and in machine remote spraying.
3. Can foundation aircraft forms and size design spraying arm length, spraying pump displacement and storage cans volume.



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