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 Fast Flow Solid Float PVC booms is a fence with a rope outside the tension-type high-speed flow around the oil fields in more than under the traction rope tension outside, around the oil fields of the standing position is maintained, not as a general Wai oil field, as occurs in high speed flow phenomena lodging, and booms bar shaped body and a strong tension is distributed evenly. Much booms can be wound on the winch to facilitate transport and quick delivery, recovery, storage, small size. Particularly suitable for high flow rate in rivers and marine waters or places a higher operating speed emergency use.

   Booms around the oil system is outside the tension bar and rope composed of many rope outside the ropes tension and booms on both ends of the connecting pole, see the picture on the right. Booms from the double-sided PVC coated polyester cloth. Between two layers of cloth filled with foam floating panels, booms with vertical reinforcing band to ensure that the booms have enough pull. Around the oil fields in the upper half of the buoyancy plates using booms were upward buoyancy in the oil fields around the bottom with weights to get down around the oil fields of gravity, buoyancy and gravity play a flattening Wai Yau and maintain the role of the vertical column, there are located in booms to prevent the full height of the pole booms generated vertical bending, the three effects combine to make the outer booms traction rope under tension, will not fall into the "vertical wall", was a high resistance to water flow and wave performance. Both ends of each section booms Multiple joints can be connected booms required length.

  Aircraft hydraulic motor through winch sprocket, chain-driven winch to forward and reverse operation, automatic brake and CVT, speed retractable booms are very convenient and safe.
   Users can use with hydraulic winch for container storage booms; also have the option of human running, recovery operations, in order to save costs. This approach usually booms should be placed in special storage and transport.



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