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1.Special synthetic rubber membrane of boom has high strength,oil-resistant, whether-resistant and anti-abrasive.
2.Unique shape and flat configuration give great buoyancy reserve, easy storage and shipment, uniform force distribution, high strength and high stability.
3.Smooth surface of the boom is convenient to guide spilt oil and to be cleaned.
4.Universal connector: Quick and reliable connection. It can connect with the booms made by a number of countries and make international or regional co-operation convenient.
5.Ballasts strengthen boom and skirt can form "concave effecting" in current to better stagnate oil.

1.Oil-resistance: The boom is still stable on water when there is a crack in rubber sheet and the floats contact with oil.
2.High flexible ability: It gives boom better wave-response and boom is easy to bend for storage.
3.Optional advanced luminous marker on boom for the boom to be distinguished at night.

 Co-operating with Qingdao No.6 Rubber Factory, which is the biggest manufacture for rubber delivery belt and hose and has complete inspecting measurement and first class of technology and equipment, we make high quality products.

    It is most suitable for permanent deployment, frequencyoperation, adverse circumstance, such as refinery, oil terminals, water intake, bath beach, aquatics farm and other sensitive areas. It also can be emergently used to control spilt oil.

     All necessary ancillaries for boom can be selected or specially designed upon users. Because the ancillaries are of many kinds, welcome to contact with us for technical information.



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