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High strength, easy to store up cloth can be reused, with fire-resistant properties, mainly for possible leaks or burning oil spill of oil is burned processing laying.

1.Floats and end connectors made of heat-resistant steel; heat-resistant flexible sections between floats
2.The skirt in water is made of PVC double-face coated fabric or rubber.
3.Three tension members: Top wire of heat-resistant steel, middle strap belts and bottom ballast chain.
4.Sections of boom are stored in shelves.The shelves are piled up for shipment and storage.

1.Contain flowtable fire,enhance the effect of fire fighting foam.
2.For burning spilt oil on water.U-configuration hold up spilt oil,shift spilt oil or divide spilt oil of an area for thickening spilt oil to convenince igniting and for safety burning.

Field proof:The boom was praised as a "Fire containing boom " by Shanghai Fire-fighting Bureau in "The wide-area flowable fire-fighting exercise at Huangpu river in Shanghai".



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