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 Characteristic :

  1. Suitable to receive the oil of all kind of viscosities.
  2. Applicable to any thickness of oil layer.
  3. There is litter water in the received oil.
  4. Wind and wave have less impact on recovering efficiency.
  5. It is better suitable to work in current.


The oil collection system consists of a skimmer, a power pack, two guiding boom , a set of stay bar and tow-bars, hydraulic tube and a transform tube. Otherwise the skimmer also need a hydraulic crane, temporary oil storage and dragrope.



a)Put the skimmer and its accessories on the deck. Fasten them. The skimmer should put in the suitable station. Make sure it is convenient both for the tube and line connection and for the crane to hoist to the water.


b)Join the skimmer and the pack by the pipe and tube. Join the output port of the skimmer and the oil tank by the oil transport pipe. Put two adjusters (see Chart 4) at the back of the skimmer in the middle.

c)  Check and fill hydraulic oil if necessary. (see Chart 11)

d)  Check and fill fuel of gas engine and lube if necessary.

e)  Connect batteries with engine by turn on a switch. Then start the pack. There is a diesel speed- adjust bar in the meter dial. When you pull it the speed of the diesel is increase. Otherwise the speed can decrease. You should put the bar in the position of half speed. Put the handle of the directional control valve at “ordinary position”. Start the diesel by turning the start button clockwise on the meter dial. Press the preheat button to preheating engine for about one minute  before starting engine if there is a cold weather. Turn the start button clockwise to the “start position” When the indicator light shows.  Pull the engine speed control rod to set the engine speed at about 3000 r/min。Try to run the transport pump and the belt of the skimmer (see Chart 8)

Attention: the transport pump can run without water for a short time.

f)   Join the skimmer, boom, jib and tow-bar together. Fasten the tow-line and pull-line.

g)   Put the skimmer in the water by the crane. Fasten the tow-line and pull-line.

h) Run the transport pump and the belt of the skimmer again. There will be water flow from the pump.



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