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Qingdao Guangming Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a research and development institutions by the ...
The company has 200 employees, mainly engaged in marine oil pollution prevention and control ...


 Emergency Response
We have participated in a number of oil spill incidents and emergency rescue operations,such as'No.Nancy oil spill'occurred in Yantai Port,Huangpu River flowing fire combat drills, South Korea 'Asian nozomi' Chengshan Sea Oil Spill, Nanjing ' Daqing 243 'explosion oil spill, oil blowout fires.
Service Center

During the sales process,we could at anytime answer technical questions of products proposed by customers.If nee,engineers may be assigned for assistance.






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Foreign trade department  Phone :0086-532-87604562   FAX:0086-532-87604522
Address:Room 401,Xiangdao Building , No.77,Hong Kong Zhong Road, Qingdao, China.